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If you have a dispute with your neighbour, we can help. Resolute Lawyers work to resolve residential and commercial neighbour disputes Auckand-wide in a timely and cost-effective manner.

For optimum results, you should select a neighbour disputes lawyer with experience, expertise and transparent pricing – choose Resolute Lawyers.

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Do you want to save money?

Property and neighbourhood disputes can rapidly snowball into stressful, costly experiences. In order to minimise resolution costs and maintain good neighbourhood relationships, it pays to address minor issues before they escalate into drawn-out, expensive nightmares.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a property manager, or you own commercial property, we can help you save money by expediting resolution of your disputes.

Is your neighbourhood dispute causing you stress?

Early intervention by an experienced lawyer can help you avoid losing your quality of life and long-standing relationships. Whether it’s a disagreement over a boundary, covenants, encroachments, easements, cross-leases, a fence or concerns around building consent, these – and many other issues – are best attended to while they are still a minor issue

Our neighbourhood dispute processes.

Property and neighbourhood disputes tend to take on a personal nature, leading to uncomfortable relationship dynamics. For this reason, it is vital to hand over negotiations to a neighbourhood disputes lawyer before things progress too far.

At Resolute Lawyers, we have a proven track record in dealing with this kind of dispute, and our processes are designed to produce favourable outcomes for our clients.

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Trying to resolve this type of dispute on your own – or through informal negotiations – may seem like an excellent way to avoid escalation in the earliest stages. However, this can often result in a dissatisfactory outcome.

It pays to get advice and engage a professional team from the outset; this will allow you to step out of the situation as we advocate for your rights and interests.

How we proceed.

We listen to your concerns, analyse the details of your case, and create a customised legal strategy to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Don’t let a neighbourhood dispute ruin your peace of mind. Resolute Lawyers offer effective representation, personalised attention, and strategic advice every step of the way.

From mediation through negotiation, arbitration and litigation, we have the experience and expert knowledge to pursue the best possible outcome.

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Issues We Address

  • Removing covenants
  • Cross-lease disputes
  • Encroachment issues
  • Boundary issues
  • Fencing disputes
  • Easement and right of way
  • Landlocked land
  • Trees and structures

Our Neighbourhood Disputes Process

First Meeting

Our role is to protect and promote your interests, and at our initial meeting, we discuss your objectives. During this meeting, we may give you preliminary advice around your dispute.

Information Gathering

After our first meeting, we will ask you to provide any relevant documents for review. We will give you clear and substantive legal advice on your options, liabilities and rights based on the information you make available.

Transparent Pricing

Once we fully understand the scope of your dispute, we can provide you with an upfront cost range so you understand the cost involved.

Start Negotiations

If negotiation is an option, we open this process. If we cannot negotiate directly, we will draw up documents (court documents or letters) to file in court – or to be sent to the other party.

Mediation or Court

Our advocacy approach is purposeful, determined, and unwavering for every case. If negotiations are not possible or fruitful, we will attend court or mediation on your behalf to attempt a resolution.

Aim for Great Outcomes

At Resolute Lawyers, we always aim to keep your costs down while achieving the best possible outcome for your situation.

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Why Choose Resolute Lawyers?

We remove stress.

One of our primary objectives is to remove stress from the legal dispute process – from our initial consultation to the final resolution of your case.

We listen.

The heart of our approach is simple. Before we do anything else, we listen.

Because we put in the effort and time to fully understand your case, we can take decisive action once we understand your requirements and desired outcome.

We let you know your cost range upfront.

We don’t charge hidden fees. We believe transparent costing assists in building trust for all parties, which allows us to provide excellent representation.

Georgina Kahui
Georgina Kahui
17 April 2024
My parents & I are ever so very grateful to Anitesh for his advice & to reccomend another lawyer to assist my parents & I in our difficult situation. We recommend Anitesh to future clients as he will help them as much as he has helped us.
Satnam Singh
Satnam Singh
29 February 2024
Resolute lawyers very experienced Lawyer and he solve my problem
atish krishna
atish krishna
24 December 2023
Anitesh was very helpful and resourceful. Highly recommend Resolute Lawyers
Zaheer Sahib
Zaheer Sahib
24 November 2023
I needed someone to listen to my story and give me legal advice. Best place to share your story and receive advice without feeling judged.
16 November 2023
We had engaged Anitesh for the past few months with a litigination case. From my very first phone call he has been really approachable and understood the aspects of the case. Our scenario could have been much serious and Anitesh with his experience and calmness managed to solve it and found a resolution at the end. He is also cost effective and gets the matter sorted as an urgency. I would highly recommend Anitesh for any future cases or help.
atish kumar
atish kumar
29 September 2023
First time I met Mr Anitesh. He is very helpful and highly professional. Highly recommend to anybody for excellent service.
ram Singh
ram Singh
21 September 2023
Anitesh has tremendous amount of knowledge regarding liquidation proceedings. Anitesh has helped the Begampura Sikh Temple come out of a court procedure that we thought we could not come from without Anitesh support and experience we could not have gone forwards. We are grateful for his expertise and support in our temples hard time. May god bless you, young man, you are an asset to justice.
Amit Prasad
Amit Prasad
11 September 2023
It was really really helpful when i met Mr Anitesh who had guided and gave us his best for the civil metter, I would highly recommend him if you anyone want to see the best,he is also helpful in the lawers costs as well. Thank you and we highly appreciate your contribution towards us. Thank you😊 🫂 Amit

Property & Neighbourhood Disputes in New Zealand

There are a few legal avenues you can pursue when it comes to neighbour disputes:

The Fencing Act or the Property Law Act may apply if the dispute concerns cross leases, covenants, encroachments, fences, or boundaries. If you are dealing with a private nuisance or trespass case, the court may grant an injunction directing a cessation of the activity. Damages may also be awarded if the judgment goes in your favour.

If local bylaws, district or regional plans or other regulations have been contravened, the local council concerned is responsible for prosecuting. However, it still pays to appoint a lawyer to pursue your legal rights in this case.

Our Director – Anitesh Govind

Anitesh is an experienced and highly effective advocate and has appeared in the Court of Appeal, High Court, District Court and Environment Court as lead Counsel in trials and appeals.

Working on several neighbour dispute cases over the years, he has over 10+ years of litigation experience, including in civil disputes and criminal law.

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