How to remedy a breach of easement

If you are looking for an insolvency lawyer or debt collection lawyer, we can help. Resolute Lawyers is a trial and dispute resolution law firm, and we specialise in achieving excellent debt recovery outcomes for businesses and individuals.

In our experience, once a debtor (person owing you money gets a letter of demand from us, they are more than likely to respond.

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At Resolute Lawyers, we let you know our cost range before you commit so you know exactly what will be required as we pursue your debtor, and we always aim to produce the best possible outcome for the lowest possible price.

We will provide you with an upfront fixed fee. If your terms provide that the debt recovery fees are recoverable, you can recover the legal fees. Alternatively, if the matter proceeds to court and you are successful, you can recover a portion of our legal fees. We also act for debt recovery agencies in pursuing debt – call us to discuss this further.

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