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Swift and cost effective debt recovery

If you are looking for an insolvency lawyer or debt collection lawyer, we can help. Resolute Lawyers is a trial and dispute resolution law firm, and we specialise in achieving excellent debt recovery outcomes for businesses and individuals.

In our experience, once a debtor (person owing you money gets a letter of demand from us, they are more than likely to respond.

To access expertise, experience, and transparent upfront costing – call us to discuss your case.

Do you want to avoid unnecessary outlays?

At Resolute Lawyers, we let you know our cost range before you commit so you know exactly what will be required as we pursue your debtor, and we always aim to produce the best possible outcome for the lowest possible price.

We will provide you with an upfront fixed fee. If your terms provide that the debt recovery fees are recoverable, you can recover the legal fees. Alternatively, if the matter proceeds to court and you are successful, you can recover a portion of our legal fees. We also act for debt recovery agencies in pursuing debt – call us to discuss this further.

Do you want to avoid stress ?

We recommend the earliest legal intervention possible when it comes to debt recovery and collection. Along with potentially losing the sum of money owed, you may find that your peace of mind will be negatively affected if you allow these types of matters to escalate.

Choose effective debt recovery

Debt recovery can be a complex process, and engaging specialised legal assistance will ensure that you don’t get into a situation you can’t handle. We are able to take a neutral approach, and we get results.

Select expert services now

While informal debt recovery may work in some instances, it is crucial to hand over the process to a specialist before things escalate. At Resolute Lawyers, we can correctly advocate for your rights and interests from a neutral standpoint.

How we can help you

You get effective representation, personalised attention, and the best strategic advice every step of the way. In order to devise a tailored legal strategy to help you achieve your goals, we listen to your concerns and carry out an in-depth analysis of the details of your case.

From negotiation and mediation to arbitration and litigation, our team ensures that your desired outcome remains central to our processes.

Be sure to contact us before your dispute affects your emotional or financial well-being.

Area of expertise

We can help you with:

  • Providing strategic debt collection and debt recovery advice
  • Sending letters of demand
  • Drafting & filing court proceedings
  • Issuing statutory demands
  • Issuing bankruptcy notices and proceedings
  • Charging orders
  • Sale of property orders
  • Attachment orders
  • Garnishee orders
  • Possession orders
  • Enforcement options following litigation

Our Debt Recovery Process


During our initial meeting, we will give you preliminary advice and discuss our process. Our primary objective is to protect and promote your interests and recover payment of business or individual debts.

Gather information

We will then request that you supply relevant documents for review. This will allow us to offer clear and substantive legal advice on your rights, liabilities and options.

Price Range

Once we have a clear idea of what will be required to proceed with your case, we will provide you with a transparent understanding of the price range you can expect to pay.

Negotiation Commences

We will negotiate with the other party on your behalf if negotiation is a viable option. If this is not an option, we will prepare the relevant documents (letters or court documents) to file in court or to present to the other party.

Mediation or Court

If the matter can’t be resolved through negotiation, we will attend mediation or court to advocate for your desired outcome. Our advocacy approach is unwavering, purposeful, and determined for every case.

Best outcome

Our approach to achieving your best outcome is always undertaken by choosing the most cost-efficient avenue.

Why Choose Resolute Lawyers

We begin by listening.

Our first step in getting you the outcome you want is simple: we listen.

We put in the time and effort required to understand your case fully; once we are confident we understand your requirements and your desired outcome, we take decisive action.

We provide you with an upfront cost range.

We believe our transparent costing process helps to build trust for all parties, which allows us to provide the very best representation.

We reduce your stress.

Our firm is dedicated to removing stress from the debt recovery process – from our first meeting through to the resolution of your case.

atish krishna
atish krishna
24 December 2023
Anitesh was very helpful and resourceful. Highly recommend Resolute Lawyers
Zaheer Sahib
Zaheer Sahib
24 November 2023
I needed someone to listen to my story and give me legal advice. Best place to share your story and receive advice without feeling judged.
16 November 2023
We had engaged Anitesh for the past few months with a litigination case. From my very first phone call he has been really approachable and understood the aspects of the case. Our scenario could have been much serious and Anitesh with his experience and calmness managed to solve it and found a resolution at the end. He is also cost effective and gets the matter sorted as an urgency. I would highly recommend Anitesh for any future cases or help.
atish kumar
atish kumar
29 September 2023
First time I met Mr Anitesh. He is very helpful and highly professional. Highly recommend to anybody for excellent service.
ram Singh
ram Singh
21 September 2023
Anitesh has tremendous amount of knowledge regarding liquidation proceedings. Anitesh has helped the Begampura Sikh Temple come out of a court procedure that we thought we could not come from without Anitesh support and experience we could not have gone forwards. We are grateful for his expertise and support in our temples hard time. May god bless you, young man, you are an asset to justice.
Amit Prasad
Amit Prasad
11 September 2023
It was really really helpful when i met Mr Anitesh who had guided and gave us his best for the civil metter, I would highly recommend him if you anyone want to see the best,he is also helpful in the lawers costs as well. Thank you and we highly appreciate your contribution towards us. Thank you😊 🫂 Amit

Debt Recovery Law NZ

We can assist you in recovering money for unpaid invoices, enforcing dispute tribunal judgments, and district and high court judgements. We can also assist you with outstanding payment claims for construction contracts, and we specialise in debt recovery for small, medium and large businesses.

Our Director

Our Director has recovered millions of dollars in debt over the years and continues acting for entities of all sizes – including a large New Zealand lending institution. With over a decade of litigation experience, he has proven expertise across civil disputes and debt recovery matters.

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